Jordan is among the Middle East poor countries in local energy sources. It imports 97% of its energy from abroad, which constitutes about 22% of its annual GDP. Latest years witnessed extra pressures by Jordan receiving less amounts of Natural gas from Egypt due to major reforms in the supplier country. Jordan switched its electricity generation to heavy fuel and diesel, yet still with increasing world market prices this is still a heavy burden.

Jordan proposed in its energy strategy of 2007-2020 to diversify local sources of energy, and gave special attention to energy efficiency applications. To do so the country is currently finalizing its National Energy Efficiency action plan NEEAP and started enforcing different measures including public sector, residential sectors, labeling of appliances and many other steps, yet still there is a need to further push this important theme along with the country's efforts to diversify its energy sources and invest in renewable, oil shale, nuclear and other sources.

This conference is proposed to highlight the energy efficiency (EE) importance and reflect international and local applied experiences in different sectors.
The European Union Delegation to Jordan, together with the Jordan Europe Business Association JEBA will conduct an international conference for Energy Efficiency, associated with an aside exhibition on green technologies and appliances and an effective awareness campaign for the optimum use of Energy.

The Conference will last for one and half day with 400-500 attendees foreseen and an aside 2 days exhibition aiming to tackle the following specific objectives:
- Educating people to understand the energy hierarchy, reducing consumption and focusing on energy efficiency applications EE, including non expensive applications for a country that lacks energy and water sources.
- Provide a platform for policy makers, academia, investors, youth and entrepreneurs to exchange experience and solutions in energy efficiency in different sectors.
- Enhancing public awareness in through the proposed exhibition aside the anticipated conference, that will present technologies and appliances that are applicable.
We hope this conference will be beneficial for all.

Joanna Wronecka Issa H. Murad
EU Ambassador President
European Union Delegation Jordan Europe Business Association